Personalised Health and Weight Loss at Amchara


Personalised Health addresses weight management in a very individual way that takes into consideration your history, environment, lifestyle, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects as well as biochemical and genetic individuality.

The root causes to unhealthy weight change are addressed not by applying a strict depriving dieting approach but by learning how to nourish your body and support its unique needs in a way which naturally supports weight loss and long term health.

Your unique genetic variances plays a central roles on your weight management by determining how you metabolize the different type of macronutrients ( fats, carbs and proteins ) and how you respond to different types of exercise.

A genetic test also provides you with the specific information about your unique micronutrients needs, support for detoxification pathways and offers you insights on other aspects of your health such as inflammation, insulin sensitivity, oxidative stress, bone health, heart health.

With this knowledge a highly effective plan for your diet, exercise and lifestyle can be created.
Rather than just a quick fix with a fit all approach, the aim of a functional dietary programme is adopting an eating style which works for you and is healthy, enjoyable and sustainable in the long term.

When necessary a tailored natural supplement plan will complement your dietary style.

The focus is on adding nourishment to your life, not only from a dietary perspective but reflecting all aspects which influence your health such as your relation with food, your stress levels, lifestyle, exercise routine and relationships.

Learning and practicing mindful eating means applying mindfulness towards foods, body image and weight loss which helps us to let go of any blame related to the way we are, how we look and why we eat the way we eat.

Nothing productive comes from blaming ourselves or others and this can encourage a negative pattern of focus which keeps us stuck in these negative patterns.

At Amchara the focus is shifted to your new health and weightloss goals and you will be encouraged, guided and inspired by newly gained knowledge about healthy eating, your body, and your lifestyle.

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