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Amchara retreat in Gozo is located near the North of the island. Gozo is a beautiful peaceful island, unspoilt, and one of Europes best kept secrets. The retreat features 26 air conditioned apartments, made in traditional Gozo stone, with travetine floors. Each apartment has a large bedroom, lounge, kitchen area and bathroom.

Typically we have 20-25 people per week attending our retreat on various detox and health programmes. You have the choice to either have a whole apartment to yourself, share with a friend to keep costs down, or alternatively we can match you with a like-minded individual for your stay.

In Gozo, Malta we have 26 private, air-conditioned apartments. Gozo is renowned for it’s architectural craftsmanship and at Amchara these exclusive apartments are beautifully and traditionally constructed. They are built in traditional Gozo stone and you may book either a standard apartment or an executive apartment.

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Why come to Amchara Malta?

Amchara Health Retreats are for anyone who wishes to change their physical health, emotional well-being and lifestyle that drives these in a positive, sustainable way. Amchara’s motto is ‘Change for Good’ and we have an approach, based on functional medicine, that is used in a supportive and nurturing environment that we call Functional Health.


Amchara is a laid-back, down to earth, nurturing and the people (staff and guests) really make the stay extra special. If you’re a first-timer to detoxing or fancy a relaxed retreat this is a great place to start. – A BRIGHTER SHADE OF GREEN

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Take a look around Amchara Malta

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The Amchara Malta Experience

The Amchara Malta Experience


Time to Change for Good

Amchara health retreat programmes are designed to help you detoxify both physically and mentally. You are immersed in a positive and supportive environment; increasing the opportunity for your body and mind to start the change process, move toward a greater sense of well-being and heal.

We understand that is important to help you develop long term habits to underpin your health now and for the future. Our mission is to help you achieve this.