9 Most Common Environmental Toxins to Avoid and Why You Need to Detox

Environmental Toxins to Avoid

Are you suffering with chronic health conditions?

Cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, cancer, fatigue etc? This could be due to your body suffering a toxic overload.

Most conventionally-trained doctors do not believe that what you eat and drink has much relevance on your health and they know very little about detox and safe detoxification programs.

Western medicine is not about to change so you may need to educate yourself and consider diet and detox as a safe alternative.

You can eliminate the symptoms of disease with safe detox protocols.

Disease, fatigue and many health problems are not normal as we are being led to believe.

Environmental toxins build up in the body creating health issues, metabolic imbalances, weight gain, food allergies and disease.

These environmental toxins are not always obvious, you need to become aware of them. (see below for a list of common environmental toxins).

You also need to consider air and water purification as well as adopting a high quality toxin free diet.

There is no doubt that mercury and mercury compounds are the most dangerous form of metal toxicity. There is plenty of research showing them to cause adverse effects in animals and humans even at very low levels.

Retention toxicity is where a toxin is constantly present as in dental amalgam. Vapours from the mercury fillings can slowly build up in tissues causing severe illnesses and yet conventionally-trained dentists still continue to poison uneducated patients by placing mercury fillings in their mouths.

Here are some of the worst offenders

  • Toxic insecticides sprayed on most of our fruits, vegetables and grains and now in our soil and water
  • Conventionally produced meat and dairy products are loaded with toxic antibiotics, pesticides and synthetic hormones
  • Fluoride and chlorine in our water
  • Mercury fillings in our teeth
  • Toxic chemicals in our kitchen & bathroom cleaning products, hair dyes & cosmetics
  • Toxic chemicals leaching from plastic containers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals in fire retardant furniture, carpets, clothing and household paint
  • Chemical spraying from the air

Remove the toxins and see your disease symptoms disappear

If you are considering detoxing, you need to consider your own personal circumstances and find a qualified (well-educated) healthcare provider with experience in how to safely remove toxins without any harm.

This is really important as when toxins get released they need to be eliminated efficiently.

If they are not eliminated properly you could do more harm than good.

You can’t completely avoid all toxins, but making the effort to avoid some of the toxins above will be well worth the rewards.

Join us at Amchara for detox and natural healing.

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