Blood Type Diet Success Story

The Blood Type Diet is something I found out about many years ago. I discovered the diet, like most, through Eat Right 4 Your Type and was inspired to put Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s words into action. I followed my Blood Type O diet plan to great success, but didn’t have the willpower at the time to stay compliant. I started to stray from the plan and avoids began to wriggle their way back into my diet. Gluten, wheat, dairy, white sugar, white flour and potatoes all became part of my lifestyle again, but these poor decisions didn’t take long to manifest themselves as health problems.

This is the moment when I realized that not only did the Blood Type Diet make me feel better when I was compliant, but neglecting it literally made my body suffer. I decided not to let my guard down again, and recommitted to the BTD lifestyle.


It has been about a month now since I recommitted to the Blood Type Diet, and the results are apparent. Many of the conditions that began to appear from my negligence have already retreated because I am giving my body what it needs now. I even lost weight and inches off my waist, despite this not even being one of my goals in starting the diet


During my time away from the diet, I also discovered the importance of secretor status. I took the test when I first started but never got serious about adding the adjustments to my diet. So, when I decided to re-immerse myself in the diet I included the adjustments required because I am a non-secretor. With this extra knowledge I have been able to weed out even more foods that aren’t good for me. I wouldn’t have known about these foods without taking the Secretor Status test, and eliminating them has made me feel even better than before.


As someone turning 64 this year, I feel immensely grateful for Dr. D’Adamo’s life-changing work. I hope that my story can help inspire people who read it to take that first step. I want my story to be an encouragement for all so that people can get on board and experience the noticeable changes that happen just within the first few weeks of compliance. Once you start and feel the difference, you’ll never want to go back!

Yvonne S.

Can amalgam fillings increase the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & Multiple Sclerosis


These appear as black points at the edge of the layer, or as a dark shore or waves.

Cause & Interventions:

Strongly indicative of heavy metal toxicity, this can be from the environment (pollution, contaminated food, water or air, smoking and passive smoking) and also amalgams.

Points at the edge of the layer usually indicate the presence of lead and/or amalgams.

Dark waves deeper into the layer indicate that metals are being held in the fatty tissues, brain and nervous system, which is associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


Possible symptoms include: Muscular pain and weakness, decreased cognitive function, poor memory and concentration, fatigue, sore/bleeding gums.


Chelation therapy, chlorella, selenium, and have amalgams removed professionally or replaced with non metal alternatives.

Kathy B’s Success Story – A Blood Type Diet Success Story

Kathy B's Blood Type Diet Success Story

My husband and I started out on Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, two programs that provided us with meals to eat and a regimen to follow. He was an investor in both so I figured they were worth a shot. Despite eating all the unpleasant food they gave us neither option helped us substantially. Our clothes might have been slightly less snug from time to time, but I didn’t feel any better. From there we hopped from fad diet to fad diet, never truly finding the right plan for us.kathy-b-success-story

Photo Credit to D’ Adamo:

By 1998 the spare tire I was carrying around my waist began to truly bother me. It seemed to grow faster than ever when I decided to switch from beef to chicken, the so-called lower calorie healthy meat of the time. I soon became unable to wear my own wedding rings and lost flexibility in my wrists as well. In July of the same year, I heard about the Blood Type Diet and approached it with the healthy skepticism I had developed from my negative experiences with other programs. But despite my doubts, I jumped into the Eat Right 4 Your Type book with eagerness and hope.

I found out that I was a Type B non-secretor and followed the guidelines for that type immediately. After two weeks of strictly following the diet, I lost a whopping five inches off the spare tire that had been plaguing me. I was hooked on the wonderful feeling and was thrilled to share it with my husband. But before I had the opportunity, he was pronounced dead on the eighteenth hole of a golf course during the middle of a match.

He was resuscitated in the ambulance and had to be constantly worked on at the hospital by a slew of doctors when he arrived. After six bypasses, the addition of a defibrillator and forty days in the hospital, he finally regained some semblance of health. During his trials I stayed by his side, constantly reading the Eat Right 4 Your Type book in the meantime. I studied every detail and continued to follow the diet during his struggle for survival. Despite the stress of the situation, I had energy and felt healthy because of the diet.

When we got home after the forty-day struggle, I put my ailing husband on the Blood Type Diet as well. Since he was Type A, I made sure to only give him the foods that were best for him and the changes in his overall wellness that followed were outstanding. The first check-in with the doctors evoked the same shock from each one who saw him. They said unanimously, “I cannot believe how good these tests look.”

Though my husband only lived for 5 more years after the incident, each and every moment after his collapse on the course was a gift. The Blood Type Diet not only prolonged his time on this Earth but added so much to his quality of life as well. He was able to play golf again, travel all over the world with me, and enjoy himself because of it.

My journey with the Blood Type Diet still hasn’t stopped. I continue to explore the depths of my own body’s chemistry by exploring the genotyping that Dr. Peter D’Adamo suggests for people who strive for an even more personalized look at their health. I’ve been passing the knowledge to everyone around me as well. While selling vitamins for a corporation in 1999, myself and the people working there ran experiments that tested some of the “Avoid” and “Beneficial” foods for each type. While on beneficial, everyone lost weight. After three weeks of eating only avoid foods the people who participated gained significant weight and felt horribly sluggish. These moments proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that you can truly harm your body by eating the wrong foods.

At this point of my life, I am healthy, vibrant and happy. My family, including my grandchildren and even my great-grandson all follow the diet to a “T” and all share the same vitality. I can’t thank Dr. D’Adamo enough for all he has done for me personally and those around me. I will continue to share the benefits of this program so even more people can see the startlingly positive results I have.