Viewing live blood under a microscope has developed & progressed along with the evolution of the microscope itself.

It was the work of European scientists & Biologists Dr Antoine Bechamp and Dr Gunther Enderlein in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries that advanced the use of the microscope.

These eminent and influential biologists challenged the medical establishment of the day and proposed new ways of interpreting what was being viewed in blood.

Other microscopists included Dr Claude Bernard, who coined the term “internal milieu“, Germ Theory advocate Louis Pasteur, Californian Dr. Virginia Livingston Wheeler and Canadian scientist Gaston Naessens.

Dr Robert O Young PhD D.Sc continues with research into Live & Dry Blood Analysis today.

Elizabeth Clemons

Practicing consultant for Live Blood London in Central London

Qualified in Live Blood Microscopy and Bio-Chemistry & Flow Systems BIOMEDX USA PHSYCH-K practitioner. Diploma in Anatomy Physiology and Pathology.

Member of CMA The Complementary Medical Association.

I studied Live Blood Analysis, The Oxidative Stress Test & Bio-chemistry with BioMedx (USA) & Live & Dry Blood Analysis with NeoGenesis Systems (SA).
I have been practising in London for the last 5 years .

“Good health is about making healthy decisions. Your body only sends you pain, distress, and disease when you are mistreating it. Give your body what it needs and you will never be sick”.

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