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If you’ve been thinking of changing your diet
and want to learn how to eat more healthfully
a detox can really help you get on the
right path.

Food Intolerance and Allergies

Food Intolerance and Allergies

We offer YorkTest Allergy Testing that
specialises in laboratory tests that
measure food specific IgG antibodies
the cause of of food intolerance’s.

Live Blood Analysis and Oxidative Stress Test

We Offer Live Blood Analysis
And The Oxidative Stress Test

We are at The ReCentre London SW17
Call us to see if we can help you 020 7060 7448

Blood Type & Diet

Your blood type diet is the restoration
of your natural genetic rhythm

It is essential that everyone know their own
blood group and that of their family members

Welcome to Live Blood London. We are at the ReCentre London SW17 where we offer Live Blood Analysis & The Oxidative Stress Test, Food Intolerance & Allergy Testing and Blood Type Testing.

Call us to see if we can help you 020 7060 7448 / 07908 207795

Live Blood Analysis

In Live blood analysis a tiny pinprick of blood is put on to a glass slide. Using a high powered specialized microscope with camera, the blood cells are magnified up to 4000X. The camera projects a picture of the live blood cells onto a screen. The practitioner and client can then view the live blood cells together.

Food Intolerance & Allergy Tests

Food Intolerance & Allergy Test
Over 30 years of experience, Lorisian specialises in laboratory tests that measure food triggers (food-specific IgG antibodies). The tests aimed at those that may have food intolerances, and those who want to optimise their diets avoiding any foods that they are reacting to. There are 4 testing options available with reactions to…

All About Detox

Detox Clinic
All About Detox is where we will be sharing lots of great information with you about all aspects of detox; how to cleanse & detox, where to go for the best detox. Our aim is to help you develop long term habits to underpin your health now and for the future.

What is Live Blood Analyis?

Live & Dry Blood Analysis looks at a drop of blood through a high-powered specialized video microscope using specific lighting.
Live Blood Analysis looks at your live red blood cells along with your immune system (white blood cells) the platelets that help your blood to clot (thrombocytes) and the plasma that they are suspended in.

Viewing your live blood under the microscope allows you and the practitioner to see “your terrain“.

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  • The live blood analysis appointment lasts 60 – 90 minutes, your practitioner asks questions and discusses your health and gains knowledge as to your health, history, diet and lifestyle and determines your blood type.
  • The Live blood Analysis involves a tiny non-invasive pinprick on the fingertip using a sterile disposable lancet, as in a glucose level test.
  • The living blood is placed immediately onto a glass slide under a microscope where it is magnified 1000 times and is projected via a camera on to a screen allowing both the practitioner and you the client to see the quality of your blood cells.
  • Following this is the second technique of Dried Blood Analysis (The Oxidative Stress Test). The same blood which has been allowed to air dry is then examined under the high-powered microscope.
    You leave with your pictures and a report of what has been observed will follow.
  • A follow-up consultation is usually scheduled for three or four months time giving time for the blood cells time to renew themselves.
  • Comparisons are made and changes in the blood picture are noted and monitored.

Live Blood Analysis is currently available by appointment at The reCentre London SW17 Fridays 12 – 6pm
246 Balham High Rd London SW17 7AW
Tel The reCentre 020 8772 0222
Or Elizabeth 020 7060 7448 / 07908 207795

A consultation for Live & Dry Blood Analysis £180
Book your appointment now – call 020 7060 7448 / 07908 207795
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